Simple label-repeating agent.

Simple agent which repeats back the labels sent to it.

By default, replies with a single random label from the list of labels sent to it, if any. If the label_candidates field is set, will fill the text_candidates field with up to a hundred randomly selected candidates (the first text candidate is the selected label).


returnOneRandomAnswer – default True, set to False to instead reply with all labels joined by commas.

cantAnswerPercent – default 0, set value in range[0,1] to set chance of replying with “I don’t know.”

class parlai.agents.repeat_label.repeat_label.RepeatLabelAgent(opt, shared=None)

Bases: parlai.core.agents.Agent

__init__(opt, shared=None)

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


Return an observation/action dict based upon given observation.