Using tensorboard for metric tracking

ParlAI uses tensorboardX package which provides tensorflow-free api to write tensorboard event files. One can install it using pip: pip install tensorboardX

Default usage inside training loop

TrainingLoop class from script supports saving any metric available in train_report or valid_report.

Provide the following arguments to track Perplexity, Loss and Accuracy (this is presented as arguments for parser.set_default() function):


tensorboard_tag provides sequence of arguments which will be used together with corresponding values for the tensorboard event folder name. In the example above, the folder name will look like this: May31_10-15_task-convai2:self_batchsize-64_hiddensize-1024_embeddingsize-300_attention- general_numlayers-2_rnn_class-lstm_learningrate-3_dropout-0.1_gradient_clip-0.1

All folders are stored in ${PARLAI_DATA}/tensorboard

In order to launch tensorboard with ParlAI logs, run: tensorboard —logdir ${PARLAI_DATA}/tensorboard --port 8866. TB will be avaialable on port 8866.

Usage in other part your code

One can track any other values during the runtime with TensorboardLogger class:

from parlai.core.logs import TensorboardLogger

# you need access to global parlai opt to create an instance
if opt['tensorboard_log'] is True:
    self.writer = TensorboardLogger(opt)

# then you can track any metric:
self.writer.add_scalar('test', 100)